Welcome to H² Pickleball Academy

Whether you participate in tournaments or not, we all have a desire to improve our game. It is exciting to master a shot you have had difficulty with previously, have other players comment on the improvement of your game, and get invited to more advanced-level play as you improve.

To assist you in your journey, we offer a comprehensive instruction program that includes online videos, hands-on intensive on-the-court instruction, instructor-led drills sessions to help you master the skills taught, and an assessment that leads to certification at a particular level when passed.

No matter your current level, we're here to help you become a better player. Join us and experience the thrill of improving - exponentially!

Why Choose Us

Not only do we offer a unique holistic instruction program, but our instructors are knowledgeable and engaging on the court, make instruction and drilling fun by offering competitive drill-based games, and will connect you to like skilled players that will help keep you accountable toward your goals.

About H²P Academy

We developed H2P Academy because of an unmet need in the pickleball community. While there is no shortage of online videos, drill clinics, lesson opportunities, open play, tournaments, etc., most people have to learn how to improve through trial and error. There is such an unstructured and overwhelming amount of options that it is nearly impossible to figure out a good way to get better. It would be like going to high school where you have all the courses but no one tells you which ones to take, how many to take, or in which order, to graduate. At H2P Academy, we take the guesswork out of it and provide structured programs that will help you get better and "graduate" to the next level.

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