Video Drills and Instruction

These videos will help in understanding many things from the basics of how to hold your paddle all the way to more advanced topics such as winning strategies. We cover both the "mechanics" of the game as well as the strategies and nuances.


Beginner/Novice (2.0 - 3.0)

Beginner/Novice (2.0 - 3.0)




Transition Zone


Beginner/Novice (2.0 - 3.0)

Ground Strokes


Customize your paddle grip using a tennis racquet overgrip (rather than pickleball paddle overgrip)

5 BIG Mistakes Self-Taught Players Make!
(See if you recognize yourself in most if not all)

Return of Serve

Backhand Wall Drills

Ever wonder what types of things a top-ranked pickleball pro teaches at clinics?
Watch Lea Jansen give a clinic - released the week of 7/10/2023.
( I think you'll see some things look familiar! )

Get to the kitchen!
( Using yours truly as an example of what NOT to do... but don't compound one error with another - make sure you stop where you are and split-step when the other team is hitting a shot! Running through your shot to beat your opponent to the kitchen could compound errors! )

This ain't your parents' / grandparents' pickleball anymore! Many of the tips that have been around for a while are no longer the best advice when you want to truly raise your game to higher levels!



4th shots!
When to keep the servers back... and when to concede the kitchen to them...

Ground Strokes & Put-Aways

The Best Ready Position at the NVZ