About H²P Academy

We developed H2P Academy because of an unmet need in the pickleball community. While there is no shortage of online videos, drill clinics, lesson opportunities, open play, tournaments, etc., most people have to learn how to improve through trial and error. There is such an unstructured and overwhelming amount of options that it is nearly impossible to figure out a good way to get better. It would be like going to high school where you have all the courses but no one tells you which ones to take, how many to take, or in which order, to graduate. At H2P Academy, we take the guesswork out of it and provide structured programs that will help you get better and "graduate" to the next level.

person showing pair of blue-and-white running shoes
person showing pair of blue-and-white running shoes

Our principles...

Receive top-notch instruction from experienced pickleball players who are dedicated to helping you improve your skills.

Community Engagement

Fun and Friendly Environment

Expert Instruction

Enjoy a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere where players of all levels can come together to play and have a great time.

We actively engage with the local pickleball community, organizing tournaments and events to foster camaraderie and competition.

Don Happ
Nick Simeri

Meet the team...


Todd Hill

Founder / Instructor

Co-founder / Instructor

Matt McCubbins


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